Ciye Cho Shiewo: Flight Song 1

© 2011 Ciye Cho (P) 2011 Ciye Cho.
Produced, mixed, and arranged by Ciye Cho.

These tracks were made using some of the following VST instruments: Piano Module, E-Piano Module by 4Front Technologies; Rez, Texture, and String Theory by UGO; AM Unitable by Angular Momentum; Richman2, StringZ by Krakli; SoloString by e-phonic.

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The aforementioned VSTs were used with the permission of their respective owners. Their generosity is greatly appreciated!


“Each track on this record illustrates something from Shiewo’s world. Some songs are musical moments from the story, such as The Worldtornado Song (a sonic snapshot of Shiewo’s duet with the worldtornado) and The Odyssey (which is what I imagine a flight song would sound like). However, other tracks are not songs that were played by characters in the book; instead, they are representations of things, characters, and emotions told in the style of Shiewo’s music.

Flight Song 1 is the kind of music that I would expect the captain to play aboard the Odyssey. Having said this, I hope to have done justice to the musical imagination of the fictional Captain Shiewo Morose. But most of all, I hope you enjoy this record.

For a limited period of time, “Shiewo: Flight Song 1” is available as a free download. If you liked this record, please consider buying the book Shiewo: A Fantasy Flight to Adventure (Out now in ebook formats. Paperback TBA.)”

- Ciye Cho | click here for a track-by-track guide.