1 Clouds In Your Eyes! is not a song written around a specific moment in the story. Instead, it is a composition that revolves around the euphoria of flight. In a greater sense, Clouds In Your Eyes! is about feeling free to fly—even if our feet never leave the ground.

2 There are often moments when the Odyssey’s musical machines are allowed to play on their own. The Synthesizer Deck is an interlude or ‘snapshot’ taken while the ship is in autoplay. (The whooshing sounds are what I imagine the winds around the ship to sound like.)

3 The Worldtornado Song is lifted right out of Shiewo’s adventures in Avalnimbus. This is the moment that Shiewo begins to build a song right around the worldtornado’s rushing ‘wind choir.’

4 Theo is a piano ode to the captain’s cloud companion. It also features noises from the cloud’s favourite places aboard the Odyssey: the Respiration and Synthesizer Decks.

5 The Odyssey is a literal example of a flight song. I’m not quite sure when this song would have been played by the crew, but it represents all that the ship is capable of: acoustic and electronic melodies from Shiewo, brass and woodwind from Erduu, beeps and noises from the Synthesizer Deck, and frenetic drumming from Livingston.

6 Captain Shiewo is a piano ballad about a certain inscrutable sky adventurer.

7 JamZ (A Quiet Moment) [Bonus Track] is one of the louder ‘downtime’ songs played by the Synthesizer Deck when none of the crew are watching. (But shh! Don’t tell Shiewo about it, for the keyboards are always instructed to play at a power-saving low volume when unattended.)

8 Clouds In Your Eyes! (Command Piano Solo Version) [Bonus Track] is a simple unadorned composition from Shiewo’s command piano. Sometimes, late at night, Shiewo plays her own solo refrains of previous songs. In many ways, these reworkings are her way of reflecting on earlier adventures.